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Hrvatska Skola of the Croatian Cultural Center


Classes are held every Saturday starting after Labor Day and ending after Mother's Day.   Our program academic focus on language, history, music and dance

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Who we are...





- Learning the Croatian language

- Learning about the history of the Croatian people

- Learning how to perform Croatian folk dances and since folk and modern songs

Over the years...


A collection of photos since 1977



Sept. - start of school year

Annual Christmas program in the 1970s.

Croatian school performance led by Father Ivo Plenkovic

Croatian school photo in the large classroom with Father Nikola Dugandzic and other teachers in the 1990s.

Brother and Sister Ana and John Vucicevic perform in the late 1970's.

Students in class with teacher in the 1970s.

Students learning how to dance kolo by teachers the late Vera Starcevic and Josie Braovac

Mother's Day program with Sister Jelka and Sister Maja

Croatian school Mother's Day performance in 2008.



- Coming soon -- Videos of the latest performances

Board Members


President - Maria Elia

Vice President  Kristina Soldo

Secretary - Chrissy Vasilj

Treasurer - Patricia Basan


2010 - present

2010 - present

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