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We are a Chicago-based Croatian and tambura group performing for communities all over the United States, Canada and Croatia.

About us


Tamburaško Plesna Skupina Hrvatska Loza postoji u Chicago više od 45 godina, uz materijalnu I moralnu podršku Hrvatskog Kulturnog Centra I Župe Blaženog Alojzije Stepinaca rad skupine na očuvanju i širenju Hrvatskog jezika, muzike I običaja…do sada je bio primjerno uspješan.

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Hrvatska Loza was founded in 1979 in Chicago under the sponsorship of the Croatian Cultural Center and Angel Guardian Croatian Church. 

The mission of the group was to preserve the rich cultural heritage of Croatia, for the benefit of our children and to expose them to original music and dances from various regions of Croatia. 

Participation in this group inspires our children to not only incorporate Croatian traditions in their daily lives, but it also motivates them to learn the Croatian language and explore Croatia and her natural beauty with the performances that take place there. 

These mission continues to interest new generations that join Hrvatska Loza each year. We grow as a group and community and strive to preserve our Croatian heritage.

Performers range from ages 8 to 18 and according to age and abilities of the children, the group is divided into beginning, intermediate and performing groups. 

Our performing group has participated in various festivals throughout the Chicagoland area, the US and Canada, and has also performed and toured Croatia on three occasions.

Member families originate from various regions of Croatia and Bosnia-Hercegovina. We represent and introduce our audiences to most of these regions in our choreographies and music. A significant trademark of any folklore group is their array of nošnje (costumes). All our nošnje are true reproductions of originals from the regions represented in our dances. Loza proudly has more than 17 different sets of beautiful nošnje that are featured in many of our concerts.

Hrvatska Loza has prospered for over 45 years! We hope and pray the tambura and folklore that Hrvatska Loza instills in its younger generations will continue to thrive and prosper for generations to come…growing and ripening every day!

2010 - present

2010 - present

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