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Since 1974, we began a mission to promote Croatian culture

through education, folklore, entertainment and sports.  

Today, this dedication continues.  


Below is a list of organizations we are proud to support!   

Croatian School "Hrvatska Skola"

Every Saturday from 9a-12p from Fall to Spring

Organized in the mid 1970's to preserve the Croatian heritage - our curriculum includes learning the Croatian language, history, art and music of the region.  


Weekly lessons include classroom instruction and group dance and music classes.   


Multiple public performances include a special annual Christmas and Mother's Day program, plus other annual event performances.  

YOUTH SOCCER: Hrvat Soccer Club

Since 1963, the Hrvat Soccer Club has played in tournaments all over the United States and Canade.  Today, the organization is home to youth teams.   

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Croatian Vines "Hrvatska Loza" Performing Group

For students up to 12th grade

We are a Croatian dance and tambura group performing for communities all over the United States, Canada and Croatia.


Tamburaško Plesna Skupina Hrvatska Loza postoji u Chicago više od 30 godina, uz materijalnu I moralnu podršku Hrvatskog Kulturnog Centra I Župe Blaženog Alojzije Stepinaca rad skupine na očuvanju i širenju Hrvatskog jezika, muzike I običaja…do sada je bio primjerno uspješan.

RECREATIONAL SOCCER: Flying Angels "Leteci Andjeli"

adult team only

Recreational soccer team since the late 1970s. 

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RADIO Free Croatia "Radio Slobodna Hrvatska"

Every Saturday from 2p-3p CT on 750AM

Croatian-language radio program updating listeners weekly on community events, news, sports and other social gatherings in the Chicagoland community.  


Hosted by Ante Sivric on WNDZ, 750AM


Special requests for weddings, anniversaries or other community event announcements. 

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